Supplements Vs. Steroids – All That You Should Know

It is common t o hear people talk about both dietary supplements and steroids. The intentions for these two are to enhance in body mass increment for bodybuilders and athletes. However, have we ever wondered if these two have any differences? Most people have not and as a matter of fact, they think that they are the same. According to the sales agent of a steroid selling company on, steroids are more aggressive in giving results than the dietary supplements. So, you will find them in being more popular in seasoned weight lifters than the amateurs. This publication will highlight all you need to know about the two.

What are steroids?

Steroids were designed to treat various diseases including asthma, cardio diseases, cancer and many others.  They are synthetic hormones prepared in the lab to carb these various ailments. Most of the steroids were also designed to deal with extreme muscle loss in patients. This category of the steroids found their way o the bodybuilding lot to enhance the performance and increase the body mass. Steroids can be taken orally or injected to the patients in the right dose.

What are dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are taken to provide the missing supplements or enhance the production of various body reactions. They are made from natural sources and packed in the right amount which makes it easy for people to take the right dose. People in the bodybuilding field also rely on supplements to boost protein and vitamins which they need in plenty for better results in the body building efforts.

Similarities between supplements and steroids

As much as steroids and supplements are different, they still have their similarities. The following are the common ones;

  • Both help in bodybuilding – Bodybuilders take both dietary supplements and steroids in efforts to add their body mass. Steroids are known to trigger mass growth through cell increment while supplements are rich in nutrients that trigger hormones like testosterone that encourage the cell growth.
  • Both boost the workout intensity – we have all heard about the pre-workout supplements and steroids. They have something to do with boosting the power and strength to do intense workouts and for long hours. They help in quick recovery and elimination of fatigue.
  • Both have a regulated use – Both supplements cannot be used without clear guidelines on the use. Various bodies have interests on how steroids and dietary supplements are imported, stocked and even used by the bodybuilding lot. However, steroids have a strict measure that makes them illegal in some countries.

Differences between the steroids and supplements

  • Nature of creation – steroids are artificially created hormones (synthetic hormones) that primarily deal with boosting of testosterone. On the other hand, dietary supplements are rich in nutrients which replenish them to the body in the right amount. This includes proteins and vitamins which the body needs for better functioning.
  • Intense of results – steroids are usually effective and provide results of mass increment in a fast rate. They encourage the growth of muscle mass faster than the supplements. On the other hand, supplements provide nutrients that take slow to boost the mass increment. Their results are less intense than those of steroids.