How to Get Your Kids More Active

We’re living in a time now when children are more likely to be glued to their smartphone than to their bike. Oftentimes, you’ll notice kids coming home from school and running straight for their computers and gadgets. While there’s nothing wrong with being tech-savvy, kids need to be active each day to live a healthy and productive life. In fact, most doctors recommend that children and teens get at least one hour of exercise every single day, which is a lot more than most kids get nowadays.

Child Obesity Stats

Childhood obesity is on the rise and millions of kids are slowly but surely going into the obese range for their body mass indexes. The issue with being obese isn’t necessarily the way that it looks, but what it’s doing to your child’s health. When a child is obese, their risk of developing type two diabetes significantly increases. There has been a huge increase in the amount of young kids and teens getting adult onset diabetes, which is sad considering what these children now have to do to control the disease. Being overweight and obese as a teen triples your chances of being overweight as an adult. If you have bad eating habits as a young person, those habits are likely to follow you well into adulthood. Nipping the problem in the butt is essential for encouraging kids to live healthier lives.

Creating a Family Exercise Routine

You’ll find on family news sites like HBNewsNetwork that it’s important to develop a family exercise routine. Not only is this great for keeping the kids active, but you’ll find it helps you get up off the couch as well. Instead of spending Friday nights sitting on the sofa watching television with the family around you, make it family bowling night. Go for a morning bike ride on Saturday instead of sleeping in and eating a highly caloric breakfast. Even something as simple as playing outside in the summertime instead of sitting inside in the air conditioning can make a world of difference. It’s important to keep exercise time fun for small kids and teens because then they’ll actually want to join in.

Getting Kids Involved in Extracurricular Activities

Almost every school has some type of extracurricular activity that your kids can get involved in. Whether this is baseball, basketball, soccer or lacrosse, your children and teens will benefit from the immense amount of exercise they can get. If your kids’ school doesn’t provide any sports, consider putting them in karate or dance classes. The beauty about these types of activities is that not only will they keep your kids active, but they give your child a sense of accomplishment and passion for something they enjoy.

Encouraging Kids to Get Outside

It’s crucial as parents today that we encourage our children to get out more than they want. It’s easy for kids to find solace in their devices and spend most of their time in their bedrooms, so it takes a little more effort to get them out in the sun. You can encourage kids to get outside by creating a schedule for when they can and cannot use their devices. You can even make a specific time they must go outside as long as the weather permits.

What to Avoid

When trying to get your kids more active, it’s important to avoid making it feel forced. Children don’t necessarily like doing things they feel forced to do. If you keep the activities fun and light, your child will actually want to do them and you’ll find you all become a more active family because of your encouragement.