Get Botox for Youthful Skin

Botox is the wonderful discovery of modern science where facial wrinkles are removed by Botulinum Toxin injection. A person can gain his/her youthful look and retain it for a long time. Botox has gained huge popularity in the US as a measure of prevention and cure for facial wrinkles.

Emotions are expressed by the movements of facial muscles. Thus a person smiles or frowns to express his/her emotional condition; however, in the later phase of life the facial skin gets wrinkles, fine lines and creases due to repeated movements of the muscle. Botox is a solution in that case, a long-lasting one.


What is Botox? How is it done?

Botox is a therapy where small doses of injections are applied on the affected area of the face, to remove wrinkles. It takes only 10-15 minutes and there is no chance of complication. Also there is nothing like post-treatment care or healing time. The small bruises caused by the injection are healed quite fast.

The effect of the treatment can be noticed after 2-3 days and the effect stays for 4-6 months. If the person wants to retain the youthful look (of course he/she will want to!), the treatment should be repeated.

Botox can be combined with other treatments like skin peeling or refilling to get a more youthful skin texture. The patient needs to decide his/her goal and discuss it with a professional to get specific guidance.

Why you need a special clinic:

Botox treatment needs a prior judgment of the skin; advanced tests and analysis are done to find out the exact skin profile. This set up can be found in established clinics only. There can be a number of clinics for Botox in Green Bay, but you need to select the best ones.

The dose of Botulinum Toxin is measured and restricted; an improper dose can invite complications. So, an expert is needed to administer the dose.

An improper dose of the chemical will cause a frozen/ expressionless face. To get a natural face one must trust a practiced hand for Botox.

Not all kinds of wrinkles are curable by Botox; an expert needs to judge the type of wrinkles to opine whether Botox can solve it.

Other facts about Botox:

  1. The treatment is painless, unless one has fear from injection.
  2. Botox is also done to cure excessive perspiration in underarms.
  3. Botox can cure the head-ache from migraine.

Side effects:

Botox can cause minor bruises, rashes and a little headache. However, before you go for the treatment, do not forget to discuss the side effects with the doctor. The chance of bruises can be minimized by prior use of medicines.


Botox is highly appreciated by people who want to retain their youthful look for a long time. The treatment is precise and does not involve complications. The effect is quite long lasting (up to six months). So, if you want to get rid of wrinkles, smile lines or crow’s feet, go for Botox.